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Would you benefit from a marketing-minded B2B Sales Coach?
I deliver 1on1 remote consulting for Marketing strategy support AND Sales tactics. I encourage actions and reactions to help you increase capabilities to close more deals.
These are some of the questions I answer: > How does our Sales process stay relevant during Covid? > Sales are flat. How can we get attention? > Is our pitch effective enough?
I help B2B technology founders, owners, and their sales people at early stage companies and small businesses. I also have experience integrating inside "Innovation Labs" and disruptive divisions of larger corporations.
If you have been referred by one of my clients, it’s all true! … I generate enthusiasm, direction, and results  ... with a style that is collaborative, encouraging, and thorough.
"Talking with David is like taking a double shot of espresso for your sales and marketing brain."
My clients usually want my EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE and skills applied to their …

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