Would you benefit from a marketing-minded B2B Sales Coach?

I deliver 1on1 remote sales consulting for strategy and marketing support to help you and/or your people increase skills and capabilities.

I want you to succeed by taking action on your To Do list.

While aligning your needs with your prospect's.

If you have been referred by one of my clients, it’s all true! … I generate enthusiasm, energy and direction  ... with a style that is collaborative, encouraging, and thorough.

My clients are sales people, sole proprietors, ambitious early stage technologies, and small businesses. I also have experience integrating with "Innovation Labs" of larger corporations.

They usually want my external perspective and skills applied to their value proposition, competitive analysis, targeting, acquisition, loyalty, retention, upselling, and cross-selling.

But it's mostly about getting un-stuck... and being motivated by someone  committed to work side by side on the next steps of your paths to profit.

Yes, I bring and instigate ideas for creative business development, I also help develop and design the collateral and assets needed up and down your sales funnel: 
  • Pitches and Promises
  • Virtual Sales... Beyond Zoom
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Decks
  • Articles, blogs, and posts
  • Video / Podcasting (like the above riff on tech dreams)
  • Internal notes and reporting
  • Whatever… even graphics that tell the right stories - like mine:

There when you need Me
I know how important it is to be available before a key call AND to debrief afterwards to clarify next steps (some are opportunities that can influence the overall strategy). The key isn't sales theory,  it's being open to your prospect's real situation... and maintaining bold, positive momentum to stay on track and close the right deals.

My "Why"
During dozens of years in B2B Sales, I would have benefitted from a positive force like me helping set and tweak strategy and actions ... an experienced sales pro that understands what it takes to stay ahead of market shifts and know how to evolve marketing support tactics. So, now I am sharing how to do just that, while recognizing each person’s unique value as we focus on your company’s competitive sweet spot for the ideal prospects.

Please choose any time to Zoom into your goals ...

All the best,


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