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Would you benefit from a marketing-minded B2B Sales Coach? I deliver 1on1 remote consulting for Marketing strategy support and Sales tactics. I encourage actions and reactions to help you increase capabilities to close more deals. These are some of the questions I answer: > How to stay relevant during Covid? > Fastest steps to pump up flat sales? > Is our pitch effective enough? I help B2B technology founders, owners, and their sales people at early stage companies and small businesses. I also have experience integrating inside "Innovation Labs" and disruptive divisions of larger corporations. If you have been referred by one of my clients, it’s all true! … I generate enthusiasm, direction, and results  ... with a style that is collaborative, encouraging, and thorough. "Talking with David is like taking a double shot of espresso for your sales and marketing brain." - Eva, Founder, Event Advisor My clients usually want my EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE and skills app

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Testimonials from Current Clients

“David and his team at Creative Chaos are as much a way of thinking about technology as they are a dependable software development partner. They make it easy to do our jobs better. Whether in a sprint or during business strategy sessions, they bring process experience, fresh ideas and a commitment to deliver. One example is a cross-enterprise dashboard for scouting and scoring ideas from all our employees.”

- Luke Charrington - Insights & Growth at ZX-Ventures Innovation Lab inside Anheuser-Busch InBev

“David is a passionate connector and coach and a magnet for creative energy. I have been working with him for years and strongly endorse his character and capabilities. David surrounds himself with a personal universe of innovative, positive people, and he has a way of putting the right people together so all parties can accomplish goals they never would have reached individually. David is not just about making things happen, he’s about making GOOD things happen. Underlying everything is his core of integrity and dedication to finding real value for all parties involved in the process – from creator - to client - to end user. People like me bring David their best ideas, plans and even dreams, because we know he is a person who can facilitate the process of moving them from conception to reality, that he genuinely wants to see us succeed, and that he will throw all his resources and connections into making that happen.For these reasons and more, I consider David an invaluable business resource, and also a trusted friend.”

- Anne Martinez - President of AnVenture Publishing and

“David is the most creative person I have ever met. His ideas are very often breath-taking. Having a different point of view, out-of-the-box thinking … but also keeping the main business perspective in mind when suggesting any steps. He always listens to my needs and asks a lot of important questions before he suggests anything. That ensures me he is doing everything possible to find the best way for me. I love working with him because it is not only huge fun but also moving my business much further. I can't imagine not having him on my side at this stage. He is support, motivation, mentor, thinker and my internal smart voice - all together in one person. I am very lucky I got a chance to meet him.”

- Eva Baskova - Co-Founder and CEO at Event Advisor

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Testimonials From Current Clients